Wisdomise Taps AI Capabilities To Help Grow Decentralized Economy


Wisdomise AI Labs is accelerating on its mission to break down symmetries of information that lead to weak market performance.
Wisdomise AI Labs has “nerve centers” in Switzerland and Dubai.
The firm will introduce its AI-powered suite of trading solutions later this summer.

The crypto winter, combined with the encroaching global recession, leaves the global financial system rattled. Wisdomise AI Labs is accelerating on its mission to break down symmetries of information that lead to weak market performance. Market failures occur as a combination of fundamental challenges, global events, and investor behavior. However, when individuals can deploy deep knowledge of a particular field, they can make the best decisions for their financial lives.

This also helps mitigate the effects of fear, uncertainty, and doubt. Wisdomise AI Labs builds Artificial Intelligence agents that allow users to see around corners and grow their wealth in even the most challenging market conditions.

Building the DeepMind of the decentralized economy is the vision of Wisdomise AI Labs co-founders Arash, Jalali, Mo Najafi, and Fardad Zand. Overall, they saw an imbalance of power in the decentralized marketplace due to a lack of information. While many investors were interested in blockchain-based financial products, understanding and benefitting from them has proven difficult. Ultimately, this leads to inefficiencies and stymied growth in a sector that has the potential to democratize access to finance for everyone in the world.

This led them to create Wisdomise AI Labs, with its nerve center split between the two cores of the global crypto ecosystem Zug, Switzerland, and Dubai in the UAE. From there, they brought together an elite team of thinkers, makers, and doers from the complimentary worlds of legacy monetary enterprise, blockchain technology, and leading universities. To name a few, they include McKinsey, Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse, and Goldman Sachs. Wisdomise’s board of advisors includes researchers, consultants, and practitioners from leading institutes, including UPenn, Boston University, MIT, and Roland Berger. They have come together inspired by the singular mission of reducing inefficiencies in the market that led to crashes  — they turned to the world of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

By turning the knowledge of the masses into software, anyone can access it to understand better market conditions and what can be done to grow their wealth. Artificial Intelligence agents can ingest a large amount of historical data to make accurate predictions about market signals. This lets everyone understand blockchain products, web3 services, and decentralized ecosystems as if they have a personal advisor and performance coach. Ultimately, this will reduce inefficiencies and help all markets perform at a higher level to increase prosperity for everyone.

The first AI-based trading solution launched by Wisdomise AI Labs is Horos. This is a set-and-forget agent custom-built to help all users benefit from the emerging decentralized economy. Horos takes a 360-degree approach to maximize growth. It begins by identifying an individual user’s risk tolerance and financial goals. It uses this information to create the perfect portfolio of cryptocurrencies for anyone, regardless of their principal investment or desired impact. Horos also includes a market signaler which can see and recommend trades based on critical market changes. Finally, Horos can also trade on behalf of the users so they can step away from watching the markets, knowing that their portfolio is well in hand.

Wisdomise will introduce its AI-powered suite of trading solutions later this summer. The first to debut is Horos — it will play the role of a plug-and-play trading solution for investing in the CeFi market. Horos will assist the masses in maximizing the value of their crypto. Following Horos will be — Nommos, a trading solution aimed at the DeFi market. Wisdomise is paving a path to welcome and encourage the global crowd to engage with the rapidly evolving world of web3. It will go on to build more impressive solutions as the industry grows.

CEO Fardad Zand states, “Taking advantage of decentralized finance and the post-web2 world means that individuals need to understand a wide spectrum of technology and offerings. This takes a large investment of time and effort. At the end of the day, this is what Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning were created for; they were meant to relieve individuals of work that is boring or taxing, which is also deeply important. So, we see that powerful automation tools will be able to port for anyone interacting with the decentralized economy. The exciting thing is that industry veterans will benefit from new investors and vice versa.”

CMO Arash Jalali adds, “We started Wisdomise AI Labs with a single idea ‘use the knowledge of the crowds for the benefit of everyone. An efficient market free from human error and cognitive bias can work for everyone. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are the keys to unlocking this in the blockchain space. We are some of the first to realize this and we are supported by some of the best minds in multiple industries. It’s already been an amazing journey, and we’re looking forward to seeing where it will take us and the rest of the decentralized economy.”

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