WAX Flexes on Why It Is Better Than Other Blockchains


DappRadar asked the community about their favorite Blockchain.
WAX Blockchain replied to the tweet on what it brings to the table.
Worldwide Asset exchange WAX is carbon neutral blockchain.

On Tuesday, DappRadar tweeted a question to the community to comment on their favorite blockchain with reasons for the same. 34.2% of the respondents chose WAX. Further, WAX Blockchain replied to the tweet on why it is a better blockchain and what it brings to the table.

We actually have no gas fees and the atomic standard contract! Our creators have tools to add utility to their NFTs like pack creation and opening mechanics, craftable NFTs that can deliver you a new NFT, mutable data, token backed NFTs, and serialized mints.

A transaction gateway for NFTs, collectible video games, and dApps, Worldwide Asset eXchange aka WAX is a proof of stake blockchain environment that is carbon neutral. It serves as a platform for people to create, acquire, and exchange real or digital goods globally.

In order to make NFT transactions for users quicker, simpler, and safer, WAX is built on a delegated proof of stake mechanism (DPoS), which functions in a completely different transaction validation method from the usual proof of stake or proof of work.

As stated by WAX in its tweet, NFT creators on the WAX blockchain have the power and tools to add utility to their NFTs. This will allow users to create token-backed NFTs, serialized mints, and mutable data.

This indicates that the WAX blockchain continues to use comparatively little energy, in contrast to Ethereum and Bitcoin, whose energy usage climbs by terawatts each month. With the crypto and NFT realms growing in popularity, the necessity for an environmentally friendly blockchain is also on the rise.

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