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An unknown wallet-draining exploit has security researchers perplexed after siphoning over $10M over the past five months. MetaMask and other wallet providers are investigating. Meanwhile, decentralized exchange KyberSwap discovered a critical bug in its Elastic platform and asked users to withdraw their assets.

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Wallet-draining exploit has stolen $10M since DecemberKyberSwap discovers a vulnerability in its ‘Elastic’ exchange

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Unknown Exploit Has Drained Over $10M In The Past Five Months

TLDR A sophisticated wallet drainer has stolen over $10 million worth of assets across 11 different blockchains, targeting experienced users who created their wallets between 2014 and 2022. The exact attack vector is unknown, but the attacker swapped users’ tokens for ETH and converted them into Bitcoin using various services, including privacy mixers. This exploit is not specific to MetaMask, and all wallets, including hardware wallets, are affected.

SO WHAT Crypto exploits are a major cause of concern for Web3 participants, highlighting the need to remain vigilant and take steps to safeguard crypto assets. Users should consider spreading their assets across multiple wallets and not holding everything in wallets secured by the same seed phrase.


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KyberSwap Discovers Critical Bug In ‘Elastic’ AMM

TLDR Kyber Network discovered a vulnerability in their KyberSwap Elastic platform and instructed liquidity providers to withdraw their assets. The incident did not result in any user losses, but the exchange’s total value locked (TVL) has dropped significantly. KyberSwap Elastic will be redeployed with an upgraded smart contract, and LPs who do not withdraw their liquidity will lose any unclaimed rewards.

SO WHAT This incident highlights the ongoing risk of vulnerabilities and exploits in the DeFi space. It also underscores the importance of prompt action and transparency by exchange teams in mitigating potential losses for users.



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