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We have a sobering analysis for you today — according to data we crunched, DeFi protocols that suffer hacks rarely recover, even if they keep building. In better news for open source development, Tornado Cash developer Alexey Pertsev will be released on April 26 after spending 9 months in jail without a trial. BTC and ETH deepened their dive Friday evening and are down more than 10% in the past 7 days.

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DeFi protocols fail to recover after they’re hackedTornado Cash developer released from jail

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Most DeFi Protocols Fade After They’re Hacked, Analysis Shows

TLDR A survey of the top five hacks in dollar terms shows that each protocol’s total value locked is down by at least 96 since it was hacked. Overall TVL across DeFi decreased significantly less relative to each protocol’s TVL loss since each hack, suggesting that it’s not just depressed asset prices that are responsible for the dips.


The reputational hit a protocol takes is particularly hard to surmount in DeFi, where users may already be wary about interacting with a sector that’s rife with exploits and rug pulls. Trust in the project takes a hit even if the team sticks around and continues to build. 

image 13
TVL dips on top five DeFi hacks. Source: The Defiant


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Tornado Cash

Tornado Cash Developer To Be Released Next Week

TLDR Alexey Pertsev, a developer of the sanctioned privacy mixer Tornado Cash, will be released from jail on April 26 but will remain under house arrest until his trial, according to CryptoCanal founder Eléonore Blanc.


The crypto community and privacy advocates welcomed the news of Pertsev’s upcoming release. “Still sickening that the dude had to sit in jail for months to finally go “free.” Writing code and ideas shouldn’t be punishable,” one user commented.



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