225 Million SHIB Burned As Burn Rate Soars 414% Overnight


Yuri Molchan

Nearly quarter of a billion SHIB has been destroyed with the burn rate of the meme token pushed high up


225.2 million SHIB removedHere’s how much SHIB is burned altogether

Shib army continues its crusade on reducing the supply of Shiba Inu tokens in circulation. Over the past 24 hours, another massive portion of this meme coin close to a quarter of a billion has been burned.

Around 150 million SHIB from this stash was burned in a single lump.

225.2 million SHIB removed

Shib burn tracker with its own website, Shibburn, has spread the word that various initiatives within the SHIB community have managed to destroy 225,119,416 canine crypto tokens within the last 24 hours.

The largest single transaction here carried a total of 149,999,999 SHIB. The burn rate thanks to this has soared by over 414 percent compared to the previous 24 hour period of burning.


The community keeps burning Shiba Inu with a goal to reduce its circulating supply and thus take the coin’s price to new highs.

Image via Shibburn

Here’s how much SHIB is burned altogether

By now, as per the data provided on the website of Shibburn, 410,375,148,136,020 SHIB have been sent to dead end wallets and left their permanently without a chance of withdrawal.

558,109,928,508,126 Shib tokens continues to circulate in the crypto market with 558,109,928,508,126 coins staked at various DeFi platforms.

Image via Shibburn

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